Using Our Documentaries in Your Community

  • Host a screening in your home

    Buy the documentaries that interest you; then invite friends and family to join you for dinner and video screening. Download the corresponding Discussion Guides from the Learn More pages of our website to help you guide  conversation afterwards.

  • Organize a film series in your community

    Join together with friends, neighbors, or co-workers to offer viewings and discussions on issues of interest in your community or workplace. If you have concerns about differences of opinion, remember that fresh information and face-to-face dialogue can help to heal the rifts that divide us. A skilled facilitator can help you manage controversial discussions in a way that feels safe and fair to everyone.

  • Ask teachers at your high school or professors at your college to show one or more of our documentaries to their classes

    We offer helpful resources on a host of topics (see our Learn More pages for specific suggestions). Again, our Discussion Guides can help you explore underlying issues. Or, one of our films could be paired with a talk by a visiting speaker.

  • Ask religious leaders to screen our videos, perhaps in cooperation with other local congregations

    Together, they might wish to sponsor a film series with guest speakers or educators.

  • Invite your parents and grandparents to join you in watching our documentaries on “Aging and the Human Spirit”

    Arrange to have these shown at your local library or community center, or at a nearby retirement community or assisted-living residence.

  • Ask your local library to buy our videos and make them available for circulation

    Contact us if you or they need help creating display literature.

  • Ask your local bookstore to stock our videos and display them prominently

    Contact us about bulk-order discounts and display materials.