Maybe We’re Talking About A Different God


“This video examines events leading up to and including an unusual trial where The Reverend Jane Adams Spahr, a Presbyterian minister, was brought before an ecclesiastical court in Rochester, New York, for being a lesbian. We see how culture wars can be won by transforming fear—how approach is everything.


Duration : 27 min.

Release Date : 1994



Maybe We’re Talking About A Different God is the story of the Reverend Jane Adams Spahr, a Presbyterian minister and a lesbian, who was called to serve as pastor of a large metropolitan church in Rochester, New York. Although ninety percent of the congregation voted to approve her as their minister, other Presbyterian churches in the area vehemently protested the appointment and her case was brought before an ecclesiastical court. In documenting that trial, the video reveals the struggle of ordinary people to come to terms with their own difficulties around homosexuality.

“”. . . A moving, non-threatening, tremendously powerful story that speaks truthfully on behalf of lesbian and gay people.”” — Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D., Writer, Theologian, Teacher

“”The filmmakers, with great sensitivity, take us into the hearts and lives of people, regardless of sexual orientation, as they struggle for new understanding. This film offers the opportunity to liberate all of us from our ignorance and fear . . . No matter what your perspective, something in this film will make you feel better about yourself.”” — Dr. Georgeann Wilcoxson, Educator Broadcasts

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Maybe We’re Talking About a Different God is part of our Family Values? series–three films offering transformative resources for healing and reconciliation in our relationships with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Additional resources are available at the following websites:


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